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COW FM Studio Watch this space for more information about our programs & presenters.
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Tim & Cheryl

Tim & Cheryl Anderson

Tim Presents Modern Country weekdays on Cow FM.

Cheryl is a 2018 Board member & station Secretary.


Warren Armfield

Hosts One Day At a Time, and a stand-in presenter at other times.

Warren is born and bred local, a retired NSW Ambulance paramedic and resident of Casino for 30 years.


Ray Campbell

Ray presents Yogi's Choice, country music and middle of the road, and a stand-in presenter at other times.

A resident of Casino for 30 years, Ray lived on the Mid North Coast previously, working as a railway communications linesman.


Sue Campbell

Presenter of Suzie's Time.


Mahlon Carthew

A presenter for more than 5 years, Mahlon is one of 2018's station Board members.

Loves messing around on a guitar, singing country music, and driving around towing a caravan.  (Usually to country music festivals)  Married to Judy for 50 years.


Wayne Coombes

A familiar voice to community radio listeners, Wayne's been on the local airwaves for 30 years.  Wayne is also active with the Regional Impairment Group.


Verla Delaforce

Weekday breakfast presenter of Beautiful Noise, and standby presenter at other times.


Maree Donaldson

Presents Maree's Country on weekends.


Malcolm Field

Malcolm presents the Field of Dreams, a mix of country, Aboriginal music and Rock'n'Roll.

One of the station's longest running presenters, Malcolm was introduced to 2COW by another radio veteran Barry Olive in 1999.  Barry was Australia's longest serving Aboriginal announcer.


Sue Gibson

Sue's been a presenter for seven years, currently hosting country, easy listening and gospel programs.

Says she enjoys everything about the station, especially playing country music and speaking to listeners like you.  Sue says she wanted to join up ever since COW FM started in '94, but didn't pluck up the courage until attending an event at the station.  Hopes to be here for many more years.


Leonie Kelly

Presents My Kinda Country weekdays, a mixture of country, bluegrass and Irish music.


Rhonda McGill

Presents music from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s.


Greg Presbury

Breakfast country/pop music presenter.


Graeme Rooney

Presenter of Roons Music, country and easy listening, and a stand-in presenter at other times.

Graeme is also a 2018 Board member, and a tireless volunteer maintaining our studio grounds on Queensland Road.


Mark Scofield

Host of Dinner Camp, Mark's been playing bush ballads for 20 years at 2COW, and is a member of the Australian Bush Balladeers Association.


Anne Spaulding

A presenter since 2014.  Host of Anne's mix of Country and Blues.

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