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Monday to Friday features news on the hour, 6 AM - 6 PM, and Rural News 12.05 - 12.10 PM.  News on the hour 6 AM - 12 PM weekends.

Sunday MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Saturday
6:00 AM Country Folk Around Australia Greg Presbury
Greg's Country & Pop
Greg Presbury
Greg's Country & Pop
Sandra Humphrys
Hump Day With Humphrys
Warren Armfield
One Day at a Time
Country, Easy Listening & Interviews
Verla Delaforce
Beautiful Noise
Weeks 1/3 Verla
Week 2 Warren
Weeks 4/5 Graeme
9:00 Lynne Vernon
Lynne's Legends of Country & Rock
Ian Elkerton
Monday Sessions
Variety & Interviews
Graeme Rooney
Roon's Music
Easy Listening
Brenda Armfield
Anything Goes
R'n'R, Easy Listening
Heidi MacDonald
Heidi's Hits
New Country/Pop
Brenda Armfield
Down Memory Lane
Songs of Yesteryear
Sandra Humphrys/
Daphne Potter/
Darryl Wornes

Saturday Morning Confusion
11:00 Sue Gibson
Weeks 1 & 3
Nicole Franklin
Monday Mayhem
Rhonda McGill
Cruzy Tuesday
60s, 70s, 80s, 90s
Carl Burns Mark Scofield
Dinner Camp
Aussie Bush Ballads
Lynne Vernon
Everything Goes
Country, Rock
Sue Campbell
Susie's Time
Rock'N'Roll, 60s, Mixed
1:00 Dominic Gilmore
Mix & Mash
Achieve Australia
(On Focus)
Gary Dufty
Gary's Choice
Country, R'n'R
Sue Campbell
Susie's Time
Rock'N'Roll, 60s, Mixed
Graeme Rooney
Roon's Music
Maree Donaldson
Maree's Country
2:00 Jean Auckram
Golden Oldies Mix
Maddy Meyer
Soft Pop with Maddy
Mixed, Soft Pop
3:00 Greg Presbury
Greg's Country Show
Sue Gibson
Country, Gospel
Mahlon Carthew
4:00 Heather Donoghue
Hillbilly to House
Classical, Modern, Country
Therese Carew Craig Presbury
Pop, 70s, 80s, 90s
Greg Presbury
Greg's Country Show
5:30 Sharon Davidson
Shazza J's Drivetime
Country, R'N'R, Easy Listening
6:00 PM Col Albans Col Albans Bryan Comerford
Best of Both Worlds
Country, Pop, Rock
Raymond Campbell
Yogi's Choice
Country, Middle of the Road
Malcolm Field
Field of Dreams
Country, Aboriginal, Rock'n'Roll Mix
Wk 1
Wk 2 Warren
Wk 3/4 Malcolm
Wk 5
Lynne Vernon
9:00 Stacks of Country, Rock
through to 6 AM
10:00 Country, Rock
'til 6 AM
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